The Adventures of RiRi: Stars Stars

Ever wondered were the stars go during the day? 🌟🌟

By Tracy Bush, publisher of Macaroni KID Chattanooga TN March 24, 2022

"Stars Stars" is book one of the children's book series of The Adventures of RiRi written by Darius Good and illustrated by Drumshtick Art Studio.

It's a wonderfully fun and poetic stylebook for the curious minds of our little ones, told through the eyes of a toddler.  A book of curiosity that triggers and stimulates the mind of a child to wonder, "Where do the stars go during the day?"   This is a science and astronomy-themed book.

RiRi takes us through an adventure in her imagination during bedtime to find out where stars go during the day.  She searches high and she searches low around the world from space to the neighborhood park to get her question answered: "Where do the stars go during the day?"

This book is recommended for ages 0 to 3rd grade.

Book is now available on Amazon.  Click here to purchase on Amazon